Nursery Rooms

Nursery Rooms

We provide a secure, caring happy and structured environment where the children learn through meaningful and constructive play using materials and equipment, which have been carefully selected by the staff.

The EYFS sets the standard that all early years providers must meet to ensure that children learn and develop and are kept healthy and safe. It works towards their readiness to move to a school environment by providing them with knowledge and skills to ensure good future progress in life.

Baby Room

The baby room provides a safe, stimulating environment to encourage babies senses, to give them freedom and space to move around and the opportunity to explore their environment and encourage development.

Babies are monitored every 10 minutes when asleep. This can be wherever is most suitable for your baby. 

All babies will have an individual information sheet for the parents to write down their daily routine and any other information that could be needed. The key worker will complete a log for each day informing the parent/guarding of their day, their sleep times, what food and milk they have consumed, nappy changes etc. 

Providing an environment where children are allowed to 'have a go', using equipment that is not focused on a right or wrong answer encourages children of all ages to become confident learners.

Children are given unlimited opportunities for role play through props, dressing up clothes and small world play. Their Physical, and Creative Development are promoted (among many other things!) through free access to climbing frames and a wide selection of other equipment. The children can help themselves to a wide range of writing, drawing, painting and malleable materials at all times. The same applies to all daily art/craft activities some of which are based on the current activities and experiences we are planning for the children. Communication, Language and Literary and Mathematics are prioritised in a practical way in all play activities.

Pre School Room

All parents/guardians are encouraged to visit the Nursery with their child during the weeks before starting nursery. During these visits the nursery can work with the parent/guardian to decide on the best induction plan to meet the needs to the individual child.

"Nine Tenths of education is encouragement"

Anatole France

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